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Sunday, 23 December 2018

Tolerance a Pre-Requisite for Social, Economic, and Political Development

According to The Guardian, Professor Yemi Osinbajo argues religion and tribal affiliations should be removed as factors within the political life of the nation.
In particular, he spoke at the “Ahamadiya Muslim Jama’at, Nigeria 66th Jalsa Salana, in Ilaro, Yewa South Local Government Area of Ogun State,” where there was a commendation, by Osinbajo, for the Jama’at’s promotion of peace and unity.
In line with the comments of Osinbajo, the promotion, by anyone or any organization – religious or secular, can assist in the promotion of the moves towards greater tolerance and, in turn, moderation in the belief systems weave of the fabric of the nation.
Any social, economic, and political development will, as with the advancement and empowerment of women and girls, link to the creation and maintenance of the tolerance between religions and with the non-religious.
Osinbaajo stated, “Our country is one, people want to create division between Muslims, Christians and tribes. God does not see us as tribes, he sees us all as one. I thank Ahmadiyya Muslim group in particular because you preach the message of peace, Nigeria will be great with people like you.”
Ahmadiyya Muslum Jamaat Nigeria President Dr. Mas’ud Adenrele Fashola praised the leadership of President Buhari in addition to his system of government, recalling, of course, the statements from the previous post.
Although, atheists and theists, and traditional spiritualists, may disagree on the fundamental nature of the cosmos and the relationship of the universe to humanity; the point of tolerance as a foundational cornerstone in international and national relations as an important pre-requisite for sustainable development cannot be denied.
Some of the statements of the religious leaders may link to simply supernaturalist ideas and rather fear-based and built-based ideas about the role of individual Nigerian citizens. Regardless, the principle of tolerance can be, at a minimum, a stepping stone for equality of atheists with the theists and traditional spiritualists within the Nigerian polity.
The Christian Association of Nigeria Yewa South, Moses Padoun, also gave approbation and endorsement to the statements about peaceful coexistence or tolerance.
This is one basis in some minor news for positive projections within some subsectors of Nigerian society, as ASN and others work towards the improved equality of the non-religious throughout the nation.
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