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Monday, 29 October 2018


The Atheist  Society of  Nigeria  launches  a constitutional challenge  against  the Akwa Ibom  state government.

In suit  No:  HU/321/2018  filed in  Uyo, the Atheist  Society of  Nigeria  sues  Akwa Ibom  State Government  for  its  involvement  in  8500  seat  worship  center at  the  High Court  of  Akwa Ibom  State, Uyo judicial division.

The Government  of  Akwa Ibom  has  endorsed, promoted, sponsored and adopted the construction of  an 8500  sitting  capacity International Worship Centre  believed to  be costing  the state  an  undisclosed billions  of  Naira and undisclosed area (size)  of  large  parcel of  public lands  for  that  purpose.

After  taking  legal  advice,  ASN  believes the Federal  Constitution of  Nigeria  prohibits  State  or  Federal Government  involvement  in  religious  affairs. Consequently, ASN  believes the actions  of  both the Governor  and  the State  Government  are  unconstitutional. ASN has  asked the court  to  rule  on the constitutionality of  the state's  involvement  in  the worship centre  project  and, if  it  is  ruled unconstitutional, to  set  out  the steps  the government  must  take to remedy the matter.

ASN believes this  will become  a far-reaching test  case  that  will clarify the constitutional boundary between religion and state  in  Nigeria  and  have  implications  for  many projects  across  the entire country. For  the avoidance  of  doubt, ASN  does not  oppose  the building  of  religious  centres, but  such should not  be funded and  promoted by the State.

ASN is  happy that  the Federal  Constitution of  Nigeria  gives every citizen the right  to  follow  a religion of  their  choice  or  to  have  no  religion, and prohibits  government  interference  in  religious  matters. It is  to  uphold  these  important  principles  that  ASN  is  asking  a court  to  clarify this  matter.

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  1. SubhanaLlah! There is a need for Nigeria and Nigerians to rise up to protect the well being of our great country Nigeria. In this struggle,there will be no muslims and no christian since the both believed that his religion is sacred from the creator of the universe. The amendment of Nigerian constitution is highly recommended for this purpose. I want any one of the obnoxious group to answer the question that follows,"you are a human being born out of male and female, can any one of you can tell me where is your life which sets you on motion?