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Sunday, 26 November 2017

The Nonconformist Oath

The Nonconformist Oath
By: Uche Nelly Onyeche (@Vuchmee) 

Tell me about your faith!
Is it a fair reflection of life itself?
Do you live by its code of conduct
Or are you struggling
your true self  Trapped inside

Like birds that chew their wings in flight,
Pain suppressed by the fear of a fall
Eternal flame, the reward for a choice.
Count me out of it!

Your lies have been passed down from generations
The truth washed away by the waves of time
You are a mirror reflection of the other faiths you criticize
You, A product of contradictions
Count me out of it!

Colors bleached away from your sight
The rainbow has become a sin
Your eyes now a mockery of its true function
Count me out of it!

Tell me what life is without art?
Tell me why is you seat, kneel, bow and listen
As He feeds you from that book of lies?

Why you pretend you see black and white
But you enjoy the colors at night?
You sin and repent and sin again
Your excuse 'there is no perfect being'
But most of sins are well structured and planned?
Count me out of your Selfdeceit!

I repel your faith!
Rebel, Infidel, misfit
Multi colored in every single way
I am not you!
And I will never be like You.

# OrganizedReligionIsTheProblemO fTheWorld #Faith #Nonconformist
#MyBlasphemy #Misfits #Rebel #Infidel #NovaBeing #weirdmindunfathomable


  1. Beautiful poem.

    I'd be happy to hear it performed by a Spoken Word Artist someday.