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Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Caged With The Visions of The Blind

Caged With The Visions of The Blind
By : Uche Nelly Onyeche (@Vuchmee)

A Caged bird sings as it watches a Free bird struggle with the wind.
Some Birds are not Meant to Fly!
It's says at it looks down at its shining anklet on its feet.
A gift from its master.
He treasures it like the Fat worm on the free birds beak.
Don't Look down at me!
It says as it circle it's cage
I have seen Lions doing circus tricks
And Folks still clap with thrill

Why should I leave this Cage?
Never Cold,  Never Starved
I feel safe behind these bars
No predator can get me.
Master would do anything to save me.
A Proof of the Unconditional Love he gives me.
Wasn't Made to fly Free
I Believe in this Cage.
It seems Weird to me that you sit on a Branch in a World of Cages.
Your wings withered by constant use
But in Your eyes, No Rage.
The songs you sing sounds alien to me
About Mountains and Trees and Other masters you've Studied.
That worm in your beak must be numbing your brain.
Cuz over here it's Bird Food and that Occasional Drink
Would never Dig the Dirt that you scavenge for food.

So what if other Masters aren't Doing a Good Job.
So what if other Caged birds are starving to death.
Mine is That one true Master that will always keep me safe
So what if My Master ignores the other of his Pets he was meant to care for?
So what if Birds kills Birds for The Masters sake
So What if I Don't use my wings as much as You will like me to
I am Happy being Caged with the Vision of the Blind.
I am Safe,  I am Sound and I am alive and well.
This CAGE IS HOME and NOTHING will change that.

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