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Thursday, 2 November 2017

A Scientific Slant on Juju and Black Magic-Part 5

Atheist Society of Nigeria is reasonably sure you have enjoyed reading the previous four blog posts on Juju and Black Magic found in the pages of this blog. 

This is the fifth in the series on A Scientific Slant on Juju and Black Magic.  

The topic to be addressed is rather controversial, so reader discretion is advised

Luckily, it is being looked into by American Psychological Association ever since a new entry in the DSM-IV (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual for Mental Disorders) was imputed, Religious or Spiritual Problem.

This entry refers to a phenomenon called Spiritual abuse  that manifests in various ways, culminating in the victim (if Nigerian) to seek help via unlocking of destiny during Deliverance sessions!

Surely, most readers have heard of one person or the other who had to go for a deliverance session after facing Herculean life challenges like illness, financial difficulties, marital problems, so-called ‘demonic possession’ or ‘spirit husband’.

How do such cases arise?  Is there a scientific basis to such stories or are they just flights of fancy by an overactive imagination?

Spiritual abuse occurs when an authority figure (parent, schoolteacher, religious authority) consciously or unconsciously misuses his position and influence to define another human being, especially a vulnerable human being.

How so?  

It happens because many people are inherently submissive by nature. 

This personality trait makes another human being use his office to presume to assess, diagnose, or judge people’s individuality.

Then the individual so spiritually abused is told he’s bad, evil, a sinner, a called one, an ogbanje, an Emi, and many of the other evaluations people sometimes get of who they are in their innermost core.

These labels are often given to people in a bid to ensure order in society, which is not necessarily a bad thing.  Without order, chaos and anarchy would ensue.

The spiritually abused human being is taught to disavow his real nature, negate his own original thoughts, emotions, beliefs and body sensations because he has been convinced in some way that to operate  out of these would be a betrayal of a sacred contract with either the divine, the divine’s representative or a parent. 

After the spiritual abuse has taken place, the victim is overtly or covertly instructed to adopt another mode of thinking contrary to his original nature as this is the only way he’d ever find favor in the sight of the divine.  

He is preemptively insulated from any other ideology that might make him get in touch with his true nature, as this will result in breakaway from his parent’s, school’s, society’s, spiritual sect’s fold.  And cause lessening in their numbers

Such preemptive insulation is done by threatening the spiritually abused person with the eternal dangers and consequences of turning away from the teachings of his parents/school/society/spiritual sect.

What happens when a person is subjected to spiritual abuse?

He loses touch with what is known in Jungian psychology as The shadow self. 

The inner conflict caused by denying or repressing the shadow self manifests in vivid dreams like Having sex with another person, flying, running, fighting, and a host of many other vivid dreams.

The inner conflict caused by repressing the shadow self can cause splitting of the identity, leading to Dissociative Identity Disorder aka Multiple Personality Disorder, fondly regarded by many Nigerians as Demonic possession.

Other times, spiritual abuse can cause a deep clinical depression or disturbances in the personality, thus leading to the financial difficulties, marital problems, health issues and other challenges associated with clinical depression and personality disturbances.

It is the emergence of these problems that make people go for deliverance sessions in prayer houses.

Is there a cure for spiritual abuse?

Spiritual abuse is a complex problem that requires professional help. 

It is simplistic to assume that mere prayer will restore the balance to the disturbed identity of a spiritually abused person.  

For starters, it is helpful to know that getting in touch with your real nature (what remains when all ideas from family, school, religion, society, media are removed from your mind) will not make you a bad person destined to eternal damnation.  

Also remember the human being is fundamentally good, as evidenced by the fact psychopaths are just 1% of the general population. 

Most people do so-called bad things either because they were hurt, or because they were looking out for their personal interests. 

It is not a fundamental depravity in the human being that makes him do ‘bad things’.

Armed with the points in this blog post, a person spiritually abused can get in touch with a licensed clinical psychologist or social worker in any of the Mental Health facilities around the country.  

Confidentiality is assured and there is no need to fear disapproval of the professionals for ‘allowing yourself to be spiritually abused in the first place.’

To prevent spiritual abuse, always bear in mind that no one is the ultimate authority on any field of knowledge/endeavor. 

Hence, it is right for you to know the scope of people’s authority over you, use your sound judgment and cognitive function before you obey any deontic authority.  

Feel no guilt whatsoever for refusing to take any action/inaction outside the scope of anyone’s deontic authority, no matter how subtle the hints, no matter the threats, attempted blackmail… anything whatsoever!

Remember: nothing and no-one is sacrosanct!

Written by : Oge Igboegbunam

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  1. That explains my multiple personalities with multiple groups of people