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Monday, 2 October 2017

Atheist Society of Nigeria Awarded AAI Grant

The Atheist Society of Nigeria is elated to announce that a grant to the tune of $3000 (three thousand USD) has been awarded by the Atheist Alliance International (AAI), towards the inaugural national convention tagged “Road to Reason” slated for the 11th of November 2017 at UNILAG, Lagos.

The Atheist Alliance International, as one of its activities, facilitates and supports conventions and conferences hosted by its Affiliates and Associate Members (of which The ASN is one), providing international credibility and prestige to local events and enhancing their success. As stated on their webpage Atheist Alliance International, “Conventions raise the profile of atheist and secular issues and give people an opportunity to hear from world-class speakers and local leaders. Such events educate attendees and the public about atheism and provide opportunities for atheists and freethinkers to meet, discuss and learn about global and local issues of interest.”

In line with this, a number of prominent Atheists from around the continent and beyond will be in attendance as guests, speakers or both, among them The Vice President of AAI, Bill Flavell, The communications Director of AAI, Pearl Osibu and others including but not limited to the following:
  1. Leo Igwe (Humanist Association of Nigeria) 
  2. Roslyn Mould (Humanist Assembly of Ghana and Chair IHEYO) 
  3. Harrison Munia (Atheist in Kenya) 
  4. Mubarak Bala (Northern Nigerian Humanist Association) 
  5. Chogwu Abdul (Transhumanist Group of Nigeria) 

The grant by The AAI will be utilized towards transportation of guests, feeding, publicity/media, accommodation and other logistics and makes the AAI a co-sponsor of the event; in line with this and as a show of our appreciation, we at the ASN will provide the following at the convention:

  • The AAI logo will be on all important conference materials. 
  • A table will be made available for The AAI at the conference where they will sell some merchandise, as well as offer people the opportunity to register as members. The AAI is a not-for-profit organization and depends almost entirely on membership fees and donations to carry out its activities. There will be a banner at this table, clearly showing the AAI logo.

As you come for the conference, we ask that you come prepared to also register with the AAI as a member. You can find the membership registration information HERE along with the different types of membership and what you can expect to benefit by being a member. 

Please register HERE for free to attend the ASN National conference and reserve a seat. While there, also register to join the ASN if you haven’t already. There is strength in numbers.

To make a donation, please go HERE.

For any/further enquires , email us at

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