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Friday, 27 October 2017

A Scientific Slant on Juju And Black Magic- Part 4

Written by: Oge Igboegbunam

This is yet another post in the short series A scientific slant on Juju and Black Magic

The previous three can be found in the pages of this blog.

The particular type of juju to be discussed in this blog post is called magun

Many readers have heard stories about adulterous wives getting stuck  with their lovers during coitus
The stories go as far as claiming husbands perform some type of Black Magic that causes this.

The origins of such stories are understandable when one considers that a husband would want to rear only his biological children. 

In the olden days, there was nothing like Paternity test in Nigeria.  Even now, many people find the cost prohibitive.

As the human female is such that promiscuity makes it harder to trace the biological father of her offspring, especially if she engages in coitus with several partners within a menstrual cycle, husbands had to find a way of ensuring the child they raise would be theirs.

And spare themselves the humiliation of raising an infant that would look more and more like the neighbor as it grows older!

This phenomenon, Magun is called Penis captivus, in medical parlance.  Read on to learn more about it.

Penis captivus is a condition that occurs when a man’s penis gets stuck in a woman’s vagina, thus making it difficult for him to withdraw after sexual intercourse.

 It is said to be a most unpleasant scenario to be in, especially when frolicking with another man’s wife!

Below are two common causes of Penis captivus:
  1. Lengthy or rough coitus.
This causes penis captivus as a woman’s natural lubricants can dry up during sex owing to lengthy or rough coitus.  The dry vagina will clamp down on a man’s penis, thus causing difficulty in withdrawal after the encounter.

       2. Vaginismus.

Vaginismus is a medical condition that can cause clamping down on a man’s penis.

In the case of the so-called Magun performed on a woman, the heavy suggestions given to a wife by her husband or elders can cause anxiety and guilt at the thought of having sex with a man other than her spouse.

This anxiety and guilt lurking at the back of the woman’s mind can actually cause severe vaginal spasms, thus resulting in penis captivus.

Do these explanations mean a man and woman can commit adultery? After all, the scientific explanations mean there’s no mumbo jumbo conjured up by any magician, right?

It is not that simple. 

This is because if a man is from a family background in which he was frightened by Magun, it will be really hard for him to shake off such a pervasive fear. 

Especially when he lives in a wider society adultery is frowned upon as immoral.

This will have formed part of his moral value judgment and going contrary to his moral value judgment will cause anxiety.

This anxiety will lead to performance anxiety, rough coitus and penis captivus in its wake.

The same scenario applies to a woman whereby suggestions by her husband can cause anxiety and Vaginismus that can cause penis captivus.

Fortunately for the rest of us adults, penis captivus is a rare medical condition, so the chances of it happening to you is very slim.

It is said to be more common in dogs than humans!

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  1. So, basically, previous stories of magun in African history were caused by anxiety from the society (considering that Africans frown upon premarital sex). But then, it was attributed to black magic due to our lack of scientific knowledge at that time