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Monday, 25 September 2017


If you live in Nigeria, there’s a good chance you’ve been inundated with stories about black magic. 
The many cases of people turning into yams, men’s private parts disappearing, so-called love potions… the stories astound the imagination.
As a formerly religious Nigerian, it takes quite a while to shake off the pervasive fear of Black Magic prevalent in the Nigerian populace.
It’s not as simple as trying to autosuggest oneself into laughing at the ludicrous stories, as the subconscious mind is very powerful. Or relocating to the West.
Much more is required to achieve this. Unfortunately, not everyone is prepared to take the necessary steps to unlearn the stories that pervade the collective consciousness of the Nigerian.
This results in unnecessary awe at fantastic stories, and a lurking fear somewhere at the back of the mind. This needn’t be so.
The phenomenon responsible for belief in Juju and Black Magic is called Magical thinking by social scientists. 
It refers to the irrational beliefs human beings hold, beliefs that have no basis in logical thinking but somehow hold sway over the minds of individuals and masses alike.
Magical thinking is prevalent in mental illnesses (this is not to disparage people living with mental disorders) and healthy people alike.  Irrational beliefs like:
·        Animism: Treating objects and the world as though imbued with mental properties. This is why we see people swear at their phones when there’s a technical glitch and treat pictures of loved ones as though sacred.
·        Ill Fate: That an unfortunate event befalling a person we don’t like has some sort of connection to a perceived misdeed. And is just retribution.
     Belief in ill fate makes people indulge in schadenfreude and rejoice when a political leader is stricken by illness.
·        Intentionality: Once I set my mind strongly on something and I get it, it’s because my thoughts moved things my way and made this possible.
And so much more are widespread among human beings, more so when people are unaware of a simple statistical term Correlation is not causation.   
This means that just because two things occurred at the same time (or shortly afterward) does not mean the one caused the other.
It’s just like saying that more people drown during the dry season, therefore the dry weather causes drowning. While overlooking the fact that during the dry season, more people will be keen on swimming, novices and experts alike.
Inexperience in swimming, turbulence, among many other things cause drowning, not dry weather.
Here’s *Chinyere, an irreligious Nigerian’s firsthand experience with Juju on August 17, 2017, and what she has to say.

An incident happened outside my office yesterday where a man was caught for hypnotizing a woman with juju.
The lady was already following him to an unknown destination when a friend of hers saw the lady, gave her a hot slap that reset the lady's brain into the present.
My colleagues asked me for an explanation on juju, as I found the story hilarious. They affirmed juju is real and I'm just being naive.
I told them so-called juju works on people who are poorly differentiated, who engage in battles of will with others (via arguments where he needs to have the last word, for instance), who lets people bend him to their will, and who seeks to bend people to his will.
I also told them that psychology asserts that societies of People of Colour are often low on self-differentiation, so this buttresses my point.
They opposed my point by asserting that juju works on White people, e.g. our fraudsters who dupe Whites.

And I told them that just by virtue of Whiteness doesn't make one self-differentiated. It's something the individual personally aspires to.
I'd have loved to add that the sole aim of occult powers is to bend human beings to their will!
I say so as I've read THE ART AND SCIENCE OF PERSONAL MAGNETISM by Theron Dumont, who preaches bending others to your will in his book.
Bending people to your will via nagging, pestering, arguing, threatening, fighting, bullying, etc is practiced by people we call witches, wizards, demonically possessed, but in psychology, The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual for Mental Disorders to be precise, are said to have personality disorders.
In addition, poor self-differentiation slows cognitive function, which manifests in body language, mannerisms, speech, facial expression and makes the poorly differentiated person an easy target and prey of human beings who derive their strength from bending others to their will.
This poor self-differentiation is more common with women, as our society preaches submissiveness in a woman as a virtue.
Self-differentiation, as explained by Murray Bowen, an American Family Therapist in his theory Bowen’s Family Systems Theory is the way to go for anyone perplexed by juju and so-called occult powers.
Google is your friend if you want to learn more about this intriguing concept.

There’s a very good chance the points illustrated above have shed more light on so-called Juju. 

To further free the mind from the shackles of belief in juju and Black magic, a short series will be rolled out on this blog to explain certain types of stories that abound in Nigeria from a scientific perspective.

You can look forward to reading scientific explanations on love potion, juju bundle, magun, unlocking of destiny via deliverance, and generational curses.

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*In the interests of privacy, some names have been changed.

By Oge Igboegbunam.

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